Sampath Super Trading (Pvt) Ltd

K.A.L Priyangani (MD Secretory )

I was fortunate to join the Sampath family at a time in my life when I was at the bottom of the economic ladder, experiencing many ups and downs. It occurred in 2013. The Sampath family, which had only two Outlets when I joined the company, has now expanded to include 18 supermarkets and a variety of other businesses. I had no experience in this field when I started working as a store controller for Sampath Super Trading. Today, I am fortunate to have been promoted to the position of Secretary to the Managing Director; I am overjoyed to be able to make the most of my contribution to the resource family by acquiring knowledge in various fields from 2013 to the present and putting that knowledge to practical use. Sampath Super Trading will be a great haven for our country’s youth, as they will be able to join the company with no experience and gradually gain experience and knowledge. Our vision at Sampath Super Trading is to become the world’s largest and most widespread business network. The mission is to provide more high-quality products to consumers at a lower cost. So I am overjoyed to be an active member of the ever-expanding Sampath family, providing social responsibility to all citizens of our country, carrying out social responsibility, and bolstering the country’s economy. My only wish is for Sampath Super Trading to become a resource for all citizens of the country.

“When I first joined the business there was only one small supermarket. I gained lot of knowledge and expositions from the founder managing director, then I was promoted as the manager of second supermarket at Dodangoda, just near to the highway entrance. As the time went on with the experience, gained and knowledge gathered. I was able to promote to the middle management of the company. (Manager training and development). By now there are more than 500 employees in our company with rapid and solid development of the supermarket chain. And I am really happy and proud to be a active partner in the mission of improving quality of life of people. And also there is a huge opportunity to grow in the career path for all employees regardless of the position’s there are in, they can. Travel from bottom to the top. (General Manager, CEO). There are many examples of individual to come to the higher positions of the company with a very short time. I wish from the depth of my heart, Sampath super trading company “to be largest chain business in the world” “

Mr. Kasun Chanaka (Purchasing Manager)

Hasitha Gihan (Retail Audit Manager)

In 1st of December 2008,I joined this business as service assistant during  that time the supermarket business had not yet stared. I worked with chairman in small shop. With the development in the business and also with the development of my knowledge I have gathered over the time I was appointed as the manger o0f the first ever supermarket in the sampath supermarket industry. It was 1st of January 2010.In the capacity of manager I gained retail strategic knowledge and strategy retail procurement manger of entire company. After completing four year as a procurement manger in company had made decision to appoint me as a retail audit manager by considering the retail and exposure in the field.

I would like to invite young generation to join hand with this fast growing company. So that your dreams and expectation will come true with in short a period time