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24 Sep 2021

Twentieth Supermarket Opened The grand opening of our Kottawa branch.

March 2021

Sampath Store Market For the first time in Srilanka by breaking the history, we revolutionize the retail industry by introducing cash and carry business to Srilanka. Now you can enjoy hall sale and retail hybrid environment in one place with luxury of modern trade environment.

Dec 2020

Fifthteen Supermarket Opened Fiftieth Supermarket opened in Baduraliya.


Sampath Eco Agro Park Sampath Eco Agro Park stared own production state in Sevanagala state.


Sampath DS Bakery First Bakery Opened in Nagoda


Sampath Products Factory Opened Sampath Products started own production plant in Panthiya .

End of 2014

First Sampath Bookshop Opened First Sampath Bookshop opned in Mathugama.

End of 2014

Forth Super Market Opened Forth Supermarket opened in Pothupitiya


Third Retail Supermarket Third Supermarket opened in Weththewa


Second Retail Supermarket Second supermarket opened in Dodangoda