Sampath Super Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Sampath Products, obtained from the finest fresh produce and supplies from local farmers across the Sri Lanka, are produced with the consistency of fresh produce while providing Sri Lankan consumers with nutritional content. Sampath Products have a distinctive flavor, while the Sampath product range is a must-have for its availability and affordability.

Total quality control system‘ + world-class aseptic packaging and processing facilities that meet with international standards  in food production – ensures that the maximum level of quality preserved at all times at the panthiya production plant in Sampath.

Sampath Tea

Sampath tea is a finest blend of the best quality leaves picked from up country tea gardens in Sri Lanka. Sampath tea is packed in special laminated pouches under strict hygienic conditions to preserve its freshness and flavor.  

Sampath Coffee

Sampath coffee powder is manufactured using hand picked best quality dried berries produced in highlands. The roasting process is carefully monitored to preserve is hygienically packed in triple laminated pouches to preserve its flavor and freshness for a long period.

Sampath Nectar

There’s nothing quite like being able to kick back, relax, and enjoy your favorite Sampath products Nectar taste, regardless of the season. There’s no shortage of luscious flavours with  single flavoured nectars such as Mango, Mixed Fruit, Wood Apple, Orange.


Under normal hygienic conditions, Sampath chili powder is developed by assorting fine ground dried chilies and does not contain in a well-designed and appealing pouch to take care of their natural scent and freshness.

Pasta & Noodles'

The main ingredients for Sampath Products Special Noodles are wheat flour and salt.

Unique Noodles from Sampath Products are wrapped in laminated pouches to maintain their freshness for a long time. 

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