Sri Lanka has been known for its prime quality spices for hundreds of years, even before the island was ever called Sri Lanka. The earth science, location and native climate have culminated within the abundance of an expensive, rare mix of spices that’s a heritage in itself. the varied applications of those spices in native cookery, medicine, etc., throughout history, have nearly implanted them into the Sri Lankan heritage.

We ar Associate in Nursing ISO 22000 certified company. Spice of Life merchandise ar distribute to our supermarkets . All raw spices ar checked for quality at the purpose of procural from native producers. The finished product is finally surveyed at our in-house research laboratory before it’s prepared for distribute.

All-natural Spice of Life merchandise ar elect, packed and distribute in conformity with the best standards of freshness and quality. Checks dispensed beneath ISO 22000 food-safety-management rules make sure that all our merchandise is enjoyed with full confidence.