Farming lands are shrinking and contaminated because of the urbanization. Young generations square measure moving towards cities for fancy jobs. This trend goes to steer to a catastrophe of lack of food production. How ever we’d like a lot of production to fulfil the requirement of skyrocketing population. Today it’s one amongst the burning international problems. Farming method isn’t that straightforward. A farmer has to take forty odd selections over a crop cycle, from pre-harvesting to post-harvesting phases. Wrong selections can cause Brobdingnagian money and resource losses for the poor farmers. Rising productivity and potency is a technique of determination the world issue.

Sampath Eco Agro Park manages over twenty five acres of farmland in Sooriyawawa and work with over a hundred rural farmers in manufacturing a good vary of Agri turn out together with Fruits, Vegetables, Seeds and grains merchandise that caters to the country’s food security, nutrition and import substitution initiatives. Agro Park uses internationally-accepted food safety standards and sensible agricultural practices, that make turn out that contains the wholesome goodness and nutritionary worth needed for nourishment. the park is finite on two sides by a lake at sooriyawawa.

Vegetable garden placed at the doorway of the A park. all kinds of vegetables (up country, low country still as middle country vegetables) square measure cultivated during this garden.