This is a Journey of a young man who faced challenges rejection and poverty in his life. But most of all these obstacles he find hope .hope threw their own talent ,    Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage founder chairman of Sampath Super Trading (Pvt) Ltd. Man who success in his  dream  a humble beginning of a   small retail shop in a remote village call  “ Panthiya” situated in 2008 mathugama  Sri lanka .

  • even   with a very small capital with he made his business took forward to next level  . In 2012 Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage  started his Second supermarket at  Dodangoda town    close to Southern  express highway entrance, with more facilities. That gives a shining start of Sampath Food City Chain.
  • Third Supermarket at Weththewa in 2013.
  • with more facilities to his clients expanding his chain as Fourth supermarket at Waduwawa In 2014,
  • Fifth Supermarket at Mathugama End of 2014.
  • Apart from grocery items stretching business knowledge to stationary and starting the First Bookshop at Mathugama in End of 2014 and second Bookshop at Bandaragama.
  • Adding more links to his chain Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage opening Sixth, Seventh and eight supermarket at Agalawaththa, Nagoda and Bandaragama.
  • Giving an exclusive experience for   the rural customers starting a Two textile showrooms at Mathugama and Bandaragama  with the competitive and  affordable  price range.In addition to   Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage, He runs a spice store as Sumpath products . he buy raw spices direct from farmer . Process at the factory in Panthiya. They stored in a controlled environment maintaining the highest quality standard Farmer to consumer is critical process. We maintain hood hygiene practice product is safe from cross contamination. Sorting and cleaning areas are closed. Process of spices production in was series of stages collecting raw harvest from the supplier cleaning sun drying powdering grinding and packaging Nature spices Company specialized in vast range of spices and herbals , These production process has to be done meticulously to ensure product high quality.
  • Customers one of daily need were bakery product. To full fill that category  Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage  has started  a modern bakery to ensure his bakery  product are  quality sanded  and tasty. These products are only available in Sampath supermarkets only.
  • Apart from his supermarket s, lunching his own idea as Sampath Easy shop at Horawala. 
  • as growing  the business with a steady and gradual developments  adding to  agro farm. Farmers can’t do what Mother Nature did. They can come close, though. Commitment to soil health, fruit and vegetable will be environment friendly Business .which is situated in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “It’s about taking care of soil and water. We’re going to have to feed a lot more people with the resources we have now.” Also tea and rubber plantation too.   In low grown tea cultivation and Rubber estates were stable investments and a solid base for further capital formation .With the tea and rubber cultivation .
  •    Grand Monash State and Hotel at Baduraliya “Srilankans known as  best for  hospitality” services offered to  his customers  Sampath Grand Monash State and Hotel at Baduraliya 00 star class   rooms  dining and  with pool experience in the nature .

all these  business under one  umbrella . and powered by young strong heart Mr. Dinusha Sampath Liyanage